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Over Two Decades Serving Clients

No matter how the decision to file for divorce came about, the process ahead will likely be complex. With the experienced legal guidance of our firm, you can successfully navigate your divorce. At The Maroto Law Group, our divorce attorneys have over 20 years of experience handling various aspects of family law matters.  Many topics can have a major impact on your future, which is why you will need to review your case with a skilled attorney. Taking the steps to initiate and finalize a divorce is not easy, but with our firm's assistance, it can be a much smoother process.

Many individuals can face substantial difficulty as they navigate their divorce cases in the state of Pennsylvania. With the many decisions that will have to be made, it is important to develop a close understanding of the laws that pertain to your specific situation within the county where your divorce will take place. Every individual's case is different and will need an individualized approach. At The Maroto Law Group, we understand that many couples have a hard time reaching an agreement or resolution to their divorce. Whether your divorce is simple or complex, you can speak with us to obtain the legal guidance you deserve.

As you seek legal services in Pennsylvania, you can count on the representation that we offer. Every family law case is a unique situation that will require a personalized approach and close attention. Our firm can help you gain the legal guidance that you need. We can help you understand your rights and protect your family's best interests.

Our firm is 100% focused on family law cases, which means that you can count on us dedicating our full resources and attention to your case. We are ready to begin crafting your personalized legal strategy to arrive at a positive result for a stronger future. Contact The Maroto Law Group today!


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