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What Is A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is a trained professional who has successfully passed numerous certification tests to gain a thorough understanding of the financial issues involved in a divorce and the financial impact the divorce will have on the individual. Matters such as tax issues, retirement and pension valuations, division of martial assets and debts, executive compensation packages or business divisions, to name a few, are a some of the topics discussed with the CDFA professional.  A party to a divorce who clearly undertstands their financial postion is always in a better can negotiate a beneficial settlement than those who do not.  Financial insight in a divorce is sometimes the only mechanism to protecting a party's short-term and long-term interests.  Therefore, utlizing an attorney with a strong financial background, and preferably a CDFA designation, is an invaluable tool towards a financially beneficial settlement or a financially ruinous settlement.

Why hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for your divorce?

Statistics have shown, over and over again, that financial knowledge and understanding one's financial postion, is the number one key to a succesfull divorce negotiation.

While many people believe that they can effectively resolve their divorce without understanding their financial postion, they often find that this notion brings many unexpected financial and legal complications or difficulties. Not only is it important to have an advocate on your side who understands the laws regarding divorce, but it is also invaluable to have a professional who has a grasp of the financial implications related to the divorce process. CDFA's do the following to help benefit your situation:

  • Possision the client for a better post-divorce finacial outcome

  • Minimize time spent in proceedings

  • Save money during the process

  • Avoid long-term financial pitfalls

  • Help understand the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property

  • Bring innovative and creative approaches to settling cases

  • Develop a smart budget for post-divorce life

  • Reduce the amount of stress and confusion regarding divorce and finances

There is no denying that the financial ramifications of a divorce can be severe, especially when handled without a trained financail professional. However, when you choose to retain the support of a knowledgeable CDFA - who is also a divorce lawyer, you can be confident that your divorce and financial matters will be resolved in your best interest.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with the financial aspects of your divorce or with pre-divorce planning, please contact our offices today to set and appointment to speak with one of our professionals.

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