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The Complex Divorce

Many divorce cases can be handled in a smooth manner without substantial difficulties involved. Other cases, however, involve high levels of conflict between the parties or involve complex issues relating to an individual's high net worth and, therefore, must be handled in a competent and knowledgeable manner. Sometimes, complex divorce cases have the ability to entirely destroy the relational element of a family.

This is why they must be handled in a strategic manner by attorneys who understand their nuances and complexity. One issue that can quickly escalate the complexity of a divorce case involves the ownership of a private business. Another may revolve around a spouse's complex and lucrative employment package. Other cases involve in-depth valuation issues of commercial real estate or other commercial holdings.

Benefits Of Working With Our Firm

At The Maroto Law Group, we take the requisite amount of time to help you understand your complex divorce matter and provide you with the attention your case needs in order to successfully and effectively resolve it. Knowledge, depth of understanding and insight is key to successfully litigating complex divorce cases. And it doesn't hurt for your attorney to have real-world experience as well. The Delaware County divorce attorneys at our firm have over two decades of experience, including both business and legal experience, that can be used to benefit your situation, no matter how complex the case.

Division of Property with a Privately Owned Business

In divorce, complex assets such as a privately owned business could complicate the process of ending the marriage. The fair and equitable division of a privately owned business requires the skills of an attorney who can persist through the technical and complex aspects of valuing the business before division. All business assets must be properly valued before they can be divided in the divorce.

A divorce lawyer from our office can assist with the following:

  • Analyzing financial statements

  • Examining tax returns

  • Reviewing other documents that could affect the way the property is divided

  • Investigating for possible hidden assets and / or accounts

When you meet with an attorney from our office, we can discuss the matter with you in detail, including any business debts that may stem from a family-owned business. Even if the business is owned by just one party prior to marriage, the other party may be entitled to some value of it if it is considered marital property. With our help, you can determine which of your business assets are martial property and which are not.

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