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High Net Worth Divorce

Our Lawyers Have Business & Divorce Law Experience

If you are involved in a high net worth divorce case, you will need to retain the counsel of our firm. Our divorce attorneys have the experience necessary to ensure that your financial interests are protected. Because of the laws in the state of Pennsylvania, marital property can be distributed in an equitable distribution manner. Our goal at The Maroto Law Group is to help you achieve a fair property settlement. Divorce cases of high net worth litigants have more significant assets involved that can heighten the complicated nature of divorce negotiations.  Such assets may include:

  • Investments

  • 402(k) plans

  • Pensions

  • Real estate

  • International finances

  • Inheritances


As we fight for your rights in court, we can use our experience to safeguard your assets. Our firm has over two decades of experience advocating for our clients, so rest assured that your case will be handled effectively.

Tips for Conduct in High Net Worth Divorces

All divorces are messy and complicated, but when significant assets and wealth are involved, it can become even more contentious. Spouses involved in high net worth divorces often allow emotion to infiltrate their ability to negotiate terms that are fair for both parties, which is especially essential when stakes are high. It is advised that you take the following measures:

  • Don't let guilt or impatience dictate. It is common to feel guilty for wanting to divorce your spouse, or to desire the quickest possible resolution in order to move on. However, these emotions may lead to you allowing your spouse to take more assets than what is fair.

  • Don't give in to your anger. Anger is another common emotion involved in divorce, which can create stubbornness and a desire for vengeance that may prohibit you from negotiating effectively.

  • Don't lie about your assets. Full disclosure is critical in all divorces, but especially in ones of high net worth. Hiding assets or providing inaccurate documentation may cause problems down the line and create more tension between parties.

  • Hire an efficient lawyer. You need a lawyer who will ensure that all of your individual assets are protected, who can investigate any additional taxes or hidden assets, and who can negotiate fair terms to ensure your needs are met. Details are crucial in a high-net worth divorce.


Navigating High-Asset Divorce Cases in Delaware County & Chester County

Because of the high level of complexity a high-asset divorce case entails, you will need to obtain the experienced guidance of our firm. When there is a substantial amount at stake for the individuals involved in the divorce, serious problems can arise. At The Maroto Law Group, we are available to protect your interests, but you must take the first step and schedule a case evaluation with us to discuss the most appropriate route to pursue. Your case will likely have to be dealt with before a master or a judge, and we can remain by your side to ensure that your rights are protected.

Benefits Of Working With Our Firm

At The Maroto Law Group, we take the requisite amount of time to help you understand your complex divorce matter and provide you with the attention your case needs in order to successfully and effectively resolve it. Knowledge, depth of understanding and insight is key to successfully litigating complex divorce cases. And it doesn't hurt for your attorney to have real-world experience as well. The Delaware County divorce attorneys at our firm have over two decades of experience, including both business and legal experience, that can be used to benefit your situation, no matter how complex the case.

Division of Property with a Privately Owned Business

In divorce, complex assets such as a privately owned business could complicate the process of ending the marriage. The fair and equitable division of a privately owned business requires the skills of an attorney who can persist through the technical and complex aspects of valuing the business before division. All business assets must be properly valued before they can be divided in the divorce.

A divorce lawyer from our office can assist with the following:

  • Analyzing financial statements

  • Examining tax returns

  • Reviewing other documents that could affect the way the property is divided

  • Investigating for possible hidden assets and / or accounts

When you meet with an attorney from our office, we can discuss the matter with you in detail, including any business debts that may stem from a family-owned business. Even if the business is owned by just one party prior to marriage, the other party may be entitled to some value of it if it is considered marital property. With our help, you can determine which of your business assets are martial property and which are not.

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