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Protection From Abuse Orders

We Can Help You Get Protection

If you are the victim of abuse and are in need of strong, skillful representation, look no further than the Maroto Law Group. Our attorneys have direct experience with PFA court in Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County. With 20 years of experience, we understand the laws pertaining to domestic abuse. We can take action to ensure that a protection from abuse order is filed against the abuser and that he or she is held responsible for their actions so that you can receive the protection you need and deserve.

The Protectionf From Abuse Act

The Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Act was written for the purpose of protecting victims of domestic violence. Guidelines have been set forth that forbid individuals from continuing with their abusive activities, thus protecting the victim. PFA orders can be issued if the abuser is the victim's:

  • Current or former spouse

  • Current or former sexual partner

  • Common-law spouse

  • Child

  • Parent

  • Child's parent

  • Blood relative

  • Relative by marriage

You can obtain an emergency order issued by a magisterial district judge if protection is an immediate need. Temporary protection from abuse orders can be obtained to protect the victim until a hearing is held. Final orders are used to place specific restrictions on the abuser and can be granted for up to three years.

If you or a loved one needs protection from abuse, we encourage you to take immediate action. As you face this difficult circumstance, you can trust in the representation that we provide at The Maroto Law Group.  Schedule a case evaluation today for a compassionate, 30-minute consultation at either our Chester County or Delaware County, Pennsylvania offices.

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