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Flexible Payment Plans


We have constantly been on the cutting edge of fee arrangements. It is not a common trait in law firms these days to offer the level of flexibility that we do when it comes to fee structures. Our attorneys understand people's different circumstances and, if you qualify, we can develop a payment plan that meets your needs. We can craft a fee agreement that enables the client to adequately litigate their case from a financial perspective or tackle a complex legal issue.

How Our Rates Are Structured

In most cases we handle in Chester County and Delaware County, our standard hourly rates are determined by the experience of our attorneys. Our rates are not adjusted any more than annually, and any such rate adjustment would be incorporated into the existing fee agreement signed by the client. As a result, clients know exactly what the fee structure will be prior to embarking on their legal matter and are comforted that there will be no drastic hourly rate increases.

For clients and cases that qualify, we offer flexible payment plans whereby the client may pay the account balance with the firm over time rather than up front. Such flexible payment plans are offered by structured loan and credit agreements that the client enters into with the firm. We find that this methodology gives the client substantial flexibility in determining how their case is going to be handled without lying awake at night worrying about the cost.

Our firm also accepts payment via credit card for clients who wish to pay in that manner. We can even work closely with third-party litigation support lenders to help clients secure the funds they need to effectively litigate their legal matters. Our firm is devoted to taking any action necessary to help our clients obtain the representation they need and deserve.

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