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Parental Alienation

Dealing with Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a type of behavior that can result from high-conflict interpersonal relationships. In many cases, one of the parents will take actions to damage the relationship the other parent has with the child. Parental alienation can damage the child's mental or emotional well-being. The actions that the hostile or aggressive parent takes can be verbal or non-verbal.

Their purpose is to manipulate the child into believing that the other parent is the root of all of their problems or that he/she should be feared. If your child has been acting distant and you suspect the cause is parental alienation, speak with our divorce lawyers at once.


What To Do If Your Ex Is Turning Your Child Against You

During a child custody case, parental alienation is an issue that can lead to substantial problems. When considering how to fight against parental alienation, you will need to have a plan and take active steps towards resolution. Your first step should be to start documenting all evidence of the parental alienation in chronological order. At The Maroto Law Group, we can help you look for specific characteristics common when dealing with a parental alienation case. Some of the factors we can give guidance on include:

  • Parents who block access / contact of the other parent

  • Parents who make false allegations of child abuse against the other parent

  • Sudden deterioration in child's relationship with parent

  • Child's accusations that seem rehearsed or use adult language

  • Parent's attempts to control child

Handling Parental Alienation Case

Parental alienation is a complex topic with many factors involved. If you are facing an issue involving parental alienation, you should take action by consulting our firm. We can help you uncover and demonstrate the parental alienation so that court action can be taken. Do not hesitate to contact our Chester County or Delaware County office to resolve your parental alienation matter.

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