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What Is Physical Custody?

Physical Custody is the term the courts use to describe the physical control of a child. When a parent or a grandparent is awarded physical custody, they will have the right to have that child physically be with them for a designated period of time. There are a number of advantages, as well as many disadvantages to physical custody of child when both parents are involved. Physical custody arrangements tend to be most effective when the parents live in close proximity to each other and when both understand that there is no 100% perfect custodial arragement for their child.


Types of Physical Custody in Pennsylvania

What Is Legal Custody?

Legal Custody pertains to the decision-making power each parent has in relation to the care and upbringing of the child. When joint legal custody is awarded, each parent will have a shared and equal say in matters involving the child's medical care, religious upbringing, school & education, etc. Even if you are not awarded joint physical custody of your child, you can seek joint legal custody and partial physical custody so as to maintain the relationship you and your child have built.


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